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Dog Friendly Campervan Hire Scotland

camper van hire scotland with dogs

Bring your Dog with you

Taking your dog on holiday with you is the best thing to do! Why shouldn’t your beloved pooch tag along on your Scottish travels? There is so much to see and do with plenty of photo opportunities for memories to keep forever!

So, you have your bags packed, campervan stocked up and dogs eagerly ready to “embark” on their journey… but where are you heading?! We have you covered! There are amazing  places to travel via the Tartan Camper Company in a pet friendly campervan hire from us.


Dog friendly campervan hire Scotland

Pet Friendly Campervan Hire Scotland

Yes, bring your dog with you!  We just ask you to take care of our campervans as you would your own home or car. 

Please cover the seats with a rug or blanket to protect the upholstery. Clean up should you pet make any excessive mess. Keep fixtures and fittings away from being chewed

We provide dog firendly Campervan Scotland

Beaches, glens, castles & mountains

If you are looking for a campervan hire dog friendly in Scotland then The Tartan Camper Co have just what you are looking for! We are a dog friendly campervan hire Scotland company and fully understand that you would want to take your pet on holiday with you. We have allocated 2 vehicles which are pet friendly, where they can accommodate a dog for a small fee per week. We have absolutely no mileage restrictions, so you can travel all around Scotland, making lots of memories for years to come. Check out our availability for your pet friendly motorhome hire around Scotland.

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