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11 Tips For The Perfect Family Campervan Holiday

Updated: May 2

Family holidays, there’s nothing like them, is there? Fun, sun, a few tantrums every now and then (inevitable), but at the end of the day, they’re still the best way to make unforgettable memories.

If you’ve ever piled your entire family into a campervan for a holiday, you’ll understand that the idea of having a “perfect” time is more often than not very far from the truth. However, it doesn’t actually have to be that way.

After all, holidays are for relaxing, making memories, recuperating and of course, enjoying the time with your loved ones.

Want to know the key to a “successful” family campervan trip? It’s all in the preparation! If you prepare thoroughly, and correctly, no doubt your whole family will have a fantastic, unforgettable time.

Campervan Holiday
Fun for all the Family

1. Maps are Out, Tech is In: Use it to Plan Your Journey.

Another inevitable thing, especially in these modern times, is the need for tech. Cumbersome maps are now a thing of the past - for most of us, anyway. And although there is something wonderful about the tangible aesthetic of using an actual paper map, they’re no help when it comes to road diversions, traffic or general travel updates.

Not to mention, not relying on a paper map usually results in fewer arguments overall. Instead, you can use Google Maps on your smartphone, which will ensure you arrive at your destination with plenty of time to begin relaxing. (just remember to bring your charger!)

Campervan Holiday
Google Maps is your new Best Friend

2. Games, Books and Toys.

Holidays may be a good excuse for everyone to enjoy spending time with each other, but we all know how much entertaining kids need on a daily basis. Sure, they love you, and you love them, but sometimes it’s both for best parties to have a little “time away” from each other too.

With this in mind, make sure you pack plenty of toys, books and various kinds of games to keep them preoccupied during those times when maybe all the “family time” is getting a little too much.

Campervan Holiday
Keep those kids entertained!

3. Create a Scrapbook!

Once again, thanks to advanced technology and the readiness of our smartphones, it’s never been easier to capture a memory instantly. However, wouldn’t it be nice to also introduce some more traditional forms of image capturing into your family retreat?

Take a scrapbook with you and take turns with all your family members recording their own notes, drawings, and if you can fork out for a polaroid camera, instant images during your holiday!

Campervan Holiday
Treasure those Memories!

4. Pick the site that suits your needs most.

This is probably mistake number 1 when it comes to campervanning with your family: the rush of booking somewhere last-minute without actually doing much research, and choosing the wrong place (or places to set up)

Set aside a good chunk of time to do some thorough research before setting off, so you don’t encounter any nasty surprises when you get there.

Campervan Holiday
The site can make all the difference!

5. If you have them, take bikes.

If your campervan can accommodate them, then taking bikes on your trip with you is always a good idea. By doing so, not only do you have a backup plan if you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, but you’re also keeping your family fit while getting to see more of the beautiful scenery together.

Remember, if bikes are a part of your plan, be sure to map out some safe cycle routes to go to.

Campervan Holiday
See the sights and get fit!

6. Share the chores equally.

We get it, no kids want to do chores while on holiday. In fact, most kids don’t want to do chores even when they’re NOT on holiday - but chances are, mum and dad, don’t want to do them either. But why should just one or two of you share the burden of cleaning up?

This way, everything will get done quicker, meaning there’s more time for holiday fun to happen!

Campervan Holiday
Sharing is Caring!

7. Keep to a (loose) routine.

This is an important tip, especially if you’ve got young kids with you. It’s not easy to relax when accompanied by young kids, we know, but maintaining some sort of loose routine will definitely help.

Later but consistent bedtimes will work a treat for your little ones, and they’ll also help to keep your own sanity intact!

Campervan Holiday
A routine is key!

8. ALWAYS take a fully-stocked first aid kit with you.

Nothing ruins a holiday quicker than accidents or injuries. Whether they’re big or small, they can throw your fun family holiday right off track. Therefore, it’s very important that you bring a well-stocked, fully functional first aid kit with you for any potential boo-boos.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all!

Campervan Holiday
Safety First!

9. Plan for some Outdoor Cinema Evenings!

This is especially a cute idea if your campervan holiday is taking place in the summer. Not only does it mean you can make the most of those long, summer nights, it’s also super easy to set up!

All you really need is an iPad, but there are also inexpensive projectors you can budget for too. Combine that with a large white sheet and voila! You have your own outdoor cinema.

Campervan Holiday
Enjoy Hollywood outdoors!

10. Install Blackout Blinds

As comfortable as campervans can be, there’s no escaping the fact that you’re still only one van wall away from the great outdoors. Blackout blinds will ensure that you get that much-needed holiday shut-eye without being disturbed by any intrusive sunlight sneaking through the cracks.

Campervan Holiday
Sleep in by keeping the Su out!

11. Take Appropriate Clothing

When it comes to any kind of holiday, it’s always a good idea to take a variety of different clothing, just in case. This is especially true if you’re holidaying in Scotland or the general UK. There’s nothing quite as unpredictable as our weather!

Shorts, flip flops, t-shirts, hoodies, woolly hats, wellies - take as much as you can and make sure you’re as prepared as possible for every eventuality!

Campervan Holiday
Plan for ALL weather!

When it comes to campervans, we’re the experts. So if you’re considering a campervan holiday, or are just interested in campervanning in general, feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Stay safe out there!

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