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5 Reasons Why a Campervan is the Best Way to See Scotland

Updated: May 2

The beauty and variety of Scotland’s attractions are what account for the millions of visitors it receives every year. From the beautiful and historic Borders up to the remote and iconic Highlands, there really is enough to keep your average visitor occupied for years. This is what makes campervan hire in Scotland the only suitable option for exploring the country—and here’s why:

Neist Point and Lighthouse - Glendale, Skye
Neist Point and Lighthouse - Glendale, Skye

1. Flexible Travel

Deciding where to visit in Scotland can be quite overwhelming, making booking hotels stressful if you haven’t exactly decided where you want to go. Van hire completely removes this problem, meaning that every turn in the road does not have to represent an option cut off. If you decide you like a certain part of the country, like the wild glens around Glencoe, hiring a campervan means you need not stress about making it to a hotel check-in time. You can simply park up when it suits you, and the next day take a different route to the one you had planned.

2. At One with Nature Scotland is regularly voted the most beautiful country in the world, and it would be a mistake to visit without immersing yourself in nature. Whether it be the rugged Cairngorms (the UK’s largest national park) or the mysterious Fairy Glen on Skye, there’s no better way to explore the Scottish landscape than by literally living in it. Campervan hire in Scotland is the easiest way to fully appreciate the wonderful scenery the country has to offer.

3. Dog-friendly A trip around Scotland wouldn’t be complete without the presence of man’s best friend. Many hotels and holiday rentals won’t allow dogs - but we do! Dog friendly campervan hire is the best way to ensure your pet can experience all the joys of the Scottish outdoors with you. And with so many amazing walks at your fingertips, it’ll be a holiday neither you or your dog will forget.

Pet friendly campervan hire Scotland

4. A Reasonably Priced Holiday Campervan hire in Scotland is a cheap way to get around and see everything. Instead of separate costs for accommodation and transport (which have risen considerably during the cost of living crisis), a campervan combines both into one! Many of Scotland’s best attractions are remote, and difficult to get to by public transport, so bringing your home with you means less reliance on added costs like taxis and car rentals.

5. Freedom!

The best line from Scotland’s greatest movie is so powerful because it rings true to the spirit of Scotland and its people. Taking a campervan around the very farthest reaches of the country will provide you with, at points, complete seclusion, and at others a community of like-minded travellers intent on exploring the Scottish wilderness. Whether it be the adrenaline of driving Scotland’s “Route 66”, the North Coast 500, or the serenity of waking up overlooking the waves on one of the stunning Western Isles, only a campervan holiday in Scotland can provide you with such a strong feeling of freedom.

Scottish Highland

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