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Advantages of a Campervan Hire!

Updated: May 3

In this article, we’ll go through just some of the many advantages of renting one of our campervans at The Tartan Camper Company for a well-overdue family trip or a much-needed romantic getaway with your partner.

Ditch the Itinerary

Your trip to France last year was stressful, not because of the traffic, not because of the bad oysters (and bad stomach thereafter); but because you and your partner had a checklist and were tied down to a strict itinerary that didn’t actually let you soak in the sights and sounds of the cities and countryside.

With a Tartan Campervan, you get to ditch the itinerary and go wherever you want on a whim, last minute trip changes, quick stops to enjoy a sight or monument and pit stops to take a well-deserved break are all your choice when you go on a road trip. Play it by ear, stop and smell the roses, take a thistle home for your grandmother and go wherever your heart desires.

Travel at your own pace, forget the dinner reservations and time restraints and go off the beaten path and soak in Scotland’s natural beauty.

Wake up to a Different View Everyday

Drive away from the cities' light pollution and sleep beneath the stars up in the Highlands. Wake up to the sound of the sea or the flow of a river or the natural rustle of the forest or national park. Scotland surely has no shortage of views and environments for you to wake up to, so why not skip the view of the boring hotel ceiling and take on the open Scottish road?

Let our Fleet of Campervans for Hire take you to that next picturesque location - camera not included.

Make the Most of the Coast (and the Lakes!)

Scotland has plenty of fantastic coastlines. We personally love the West Coast, with the Isle of Skye easily accessible by a bridge in a campervan or motorhome hire. The Highlands are dotted with superb coastal towns like Oban that feel like you've taken a step back through time.

If you’re heading to the highlands we recommend Loch Maree, easily one of the most breathtaking lakes in Scotland. The small islands dotted around the lake give the place a sense of magic, and if you have a history lover on board you can soak in the remains of a 7th Century Monastery.

Skip the Investment

Thinking of investing in a campervan for your summer staycation with the family? Don’t. Let us do the hard work and rent one of our fully kitted, fully Scottish campervans instead.

Our Fleet of Campervans are here and ready for you to rent and waiting to be driven! But if you’re thinking of taking a plunge and buying a campervan outright, don’t - rent one of ours first.

Buying a Campervan can be a major investment, with maintenance costs, upkeep and general wear and tear - it can be a headache if you’re not a professional. However, at The Tartan Camper Company, we take care of all the boring maintenance and laborious upkeep so you can take the keys and get behind the wheel stress-free.

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