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Fly Fishing In Scotland | Tartan Camper Company

Scotland is a great destination for fly fishing, so why not team-up with a fellow fisherman, partner, or one of your children, and take the open road to discover some of the very best places to fly fish. With its stunning scenery, crystal clear lochs and rivers, the Tartan Camper Company provides the best means to go Fly Fishing in Scotland

With the Tartan Camper Company you can now hire a campervan from both our Ayrshire headquarters or hire a campervan in Glasgow (Paisley), our new base.

Campervan hire Glasgow

All our campers can sleep 4 and seat five when driving. All vans are fitted with a well a well equipped kitchen and seating area.

We suggest you hire one of our awnings, to extend the covered space, in case it rains whilst you are away. This also provides a great area to eat outside.

Once you’ve collected your van, stowed away your rods and tackle, you can set of on an adventure!

Whether you're an experienced angler, or just starting out, there are plenty of opportunities to experience some of Scotland's most sought-after places to fly-fish. By hiring a campervan, you can easily access all the best spots for fly fishing while travelling around the country in comfort and style. There are plenty of places to stay, camp and enjoy the great outdoors.

Scotland is a paradise for fly fishing enthusiasts. With its vast and varied landscape, it offers some of the best fly-fishing experiences in the world. From the wild and remote rivers of the Highlands to the more accessible lochs of the Lowlands, Scotland has something for everyone.

Fly fishing holidays Scotland

In this blog, we will explore three of the best fly-fishing waters in Scotland that offer an unforgettable experience for anglers. These rivers, lochs and lakes offer an unforgettable fly-fishing holiday in Scotland.

Fly Fishing Holidays Scotland

If you are not been fly fishing before, and want to learn, its an idea to spend a few days being taught how to cast and fish using a tied fly and rod. There are some excellent schools in Scotland. We recommend Andrew Toft Spey Casting and Fishing Lessons, Scotia Fishing or Fishing-UK-Scotland. You can get just a day’s tuition or book for a longer period. It’s well worth the effort.

Scotland is quite unique in its regulations. You are not required to have a licence to fish with a rod and line anywhere in Scotland, you just need permission from the Landowner or Angling club. The only exception if the Border Esk region as this rover flows into England you need a rid licence to fish on any part of it.

Fly Fishing  in Scotland

You can now cast, have the tackle and know-how, ready to fish in some of the best waters in the world! Brown trout are a natural species to Scotland and can be found in both the rivers and lochs of Scotland, here are our three top destinations to fly-fish for brown trout.

Fly Fishing Venues Scotland

Loch Leven

With an established reputation as one of Scotland's top spots for brown trout, Loch Leven is known across the globe. This is due to the fact that its unique strain of trout was used centuries ago to spread the species across numerous American and South American rivers. Though the fishing standards have been affected by an algal bloom issue, Loch A is still renowned for its specimen-sized trout when the water clarity is good. Thus, making it one of the best loch to fish in the area.

Loch Leven Fly Fishing

Loch Leven Fisheries takes charge of the fishing activities with their fleet of well-maintained, modern Coulam boats which are made from glass-reinforced plastic. All these boats come with outboard motors and life jackets for safety. If you want to catch wild brown trout in the loch, it can only be done using fly fishing techniques and has to be done from a boat as there is no bank fishing. You can hire a boat to fish, and even hire tackle if you are not well equipped.

River Don in Aberdeenshire

Originating in the Grampians, the River Don flows eastwards towards Aberdeen to reach the North Sea. Along its course, it passes through Alford, Kemnay, Inverurie, Kintore and Dyce. The Ury river is its main tributary and joins at Inverurie. The Scottish Gaelic name of this waterbody is 'Deathan'.

River Don Fly Fishing

The Don River is an attractive choice for anglers seeking salmon, sea trout, but it’s well renowned for its excellent brown trout fishing. Both locals and tourists can enjoy the quality experience it offers at competitive prices. Fishing permits can be bought from various angling clubs who look after most of the river, Aberdeen Council has an excellent amount of information on the Don and how to fish its waters.

The Lake of Menteith

Just 10-12 kilometres north-west of Stirling lies over 700 acres of water, known as the Lake of Menteith. Here is situated the premier fishery in Scotland and is renowned as one of the best spots for rainbow trout fishing, which explains why the lake hosts international angling tournaments like the Scottish National Fly-Fishing Tournament. The fishery at Lake of Menteith boasts 34 boats, one being a Wholly-boat specially designed to accommodate those with mobility issues. This picturesque area also offers outstanding natural beauty and hosts an abundance of wildlife to observe. offering visitors, the chance to explore the surrounding countryside. The fishing her is excellent, with no shortage of fish as the waters are stock weekly with trout.

Wherever you decide to go, start your adventure with The Tartan Camper Company, we have some fantastic VW camper vans to choose from, and the open road is your home whilst you hire from us!

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