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What Features Does Your New Motorhome Need?

Updated: May 2

A motorhome is not just a recreational vehicle. It is also a house. It includes essential household equipment (supplied as standard or optional). It also takes all your personal accessories, which range from technical essentials (electrical cable and wedges) to clothing and provisions. Here is an overview, as complete as possible, which will allow you to draw up your checklist. In a motorhome, there are accessories that should not be forgotten. Not to mention your own business, who you know better than we do. Everyone will therefore make a list of the essentials to take away. A motorhome is more or less equipped, but you can of course add extras and convert an old van into a brand new one!

When you want to calculate your budget for the purchase of a motorhome, you have to think about the various equipment that you will add (either because they are essential or because they make us happy).

Accessories to remember!

  • Hose, pair of gloves, WC disinfectant: a simple garden hose allows you to fill up with water, with nozzles that you will find in the trade (garden store). The pair of gloves will be used for emptying (grey water and WC).

  • Extension cord: Essential for connecting to the electricity network in reception areas or in campsites. A hose reel with a multiple socket can be useful. Be careful, on the areas, the outlets in use meet the EEC17 standard. Obtain a special extension cord, or corresponding fittings.

  • Gas adapter: For your trips to certain foreign countries, you will need fittings to connect the cylinders purchased locally to your gas installation.

  • Toolbox: Much the same as at home, with equipment for emergency repairs. Waterproof adhesive, strong glue, etc.

  • Wedges: They allow you to put your vehicle horizontally, to sleep flat, so that the water from the shower flows well into the drain, etc. There are all kinds of models (from a simple plastic object to an electrically inflatable wedge).

Life in a motorhome

Before we begin, let's tackle an important question: what is the weight of your vehicle? Because our motorhomes have a limited loading capacity. With each piece of equipment we add, we get closer to the limit. Some accessories are obvious:

  • Garden furniture: to choose solid, folding, and light. When you are in the store, keep in mind the dimensions of your cargo hold.

  • Crockery: it must be sturdy and light. We find imitations of glass and porcelain very well made, in synthetic materials resistant to impacts.

  • Kitchen utensils: from the collapsible colander to the portable “oven”, everything exists.

CamperVan Television

TV reception: for TV reception, you can opt for the terrestrial antenna (which receives TNT), or the satellite antenna (which receives more channels and is less affected by terrestrial obstacles).

Finally, you can also choose to receive television through an internet box, which does not require the antenna, and works as long as you receive 4G. It should also be noted that a growing number of motorhome operators watch television by connecting to the Internet via their smartphone, from the sites of the television channels.

Security and anti-theft devices

Door unit which completes the lock on the cell door, alarms (perimeter or volumetric), anti-theft device to be fixed on the steering wheel, trackers etc. Many devices exist to protect the vehicle against theft and intrusions. With all this being said, are you yet ready to make the leap and convert an old van into a functional new moving home?

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