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Munro Climbing

Updated: May 24, 2023

Munro “Bagging”

If you enjoy the great outdoors and want to set yourself a lengthy challenge, then climbing a Munro is an excellent way of staying fit, whilst becoming part-of the walking and hiking community. There are officially 282 Munros in Scotland. A Munro is a mountain that has a summit that’s over 3,000 feet high, and if you officially climb all 282 Munros you will become a “Compleator” and join an elite club of people who have ticked off all 282 Munros. Recently Quinn Young became the youngest Compleator at just ten years old!

How to Start.

There are many great websites that promote Munro climbing. We recommend The Munro Society, Walking Highlands, and the Scottish Mountaineering Club; all are good starting points to learn more.

What to Take When Climbing A Munro

Well before you set out on any walk, be sure to prepare, we have a few tips here to ensure your walk is as safe, and as enjoyable, as possible.

1. Buy a good pair of walking shoes, or boots, are water-proof, robust, and fit well. Going along to a recognised retailer of outdoor clothing and getting their advice on footwear and clothing is a great investment. It’s best to buy layers of clothing (rather than one thick jumper for example), so that you can add or remove layers. This will help you control your body temperature, as you walk, and adapt to the weather conditions on the day. Clothing that is both water proof, windproof and breathable will ensure you remain as comfortable as possible

2. Get a lightweight rucksack. You don’t want to be carrying a lot of weight, but the essentials you will need to carry need to be protected and a good ruck sack is a great investment.

3. Essential kit you’ll need before you set out include,

  • High calories snacks: Dried sausage such as chorizo or salami, chocolate or granola bars, energy/protein bars, nuts, trail mix (nuts/seeds/dried fruit), oat cakes or peanut butter

  • Water.

  • A water proof map of the route you intend to take.

  • A compass - learn how to use it – there are some great videos on You Tube.

  • A multi-function knife/tool-set

  • First aid kit

  • A torch with spare batteries

Walk Day Preparations

Some basic walk day preparations will ensure that, on the very rare chance that you have problems during your walk, you will return safely.

1. Give someone, who’s not going on the walk, a copy of the route you plan to take.

2. Let them know the time you intend to set-off and when you expect to return. Agree that you will contact them to say you have finished the walk. Many Munros have no phone reception, so if things do go wrong, these small steps will ensure people are alerted if you don’t return.

3. Get a detailed forecast of the weather for the day you intend to climb.

With these simple steps you’ll ensure that you have an enjoyable walk.

Ben Lomand

Which Munro First?

If you have not hiked or walked in the highlands before, and are slightly worried about changing weather conditions or the terrain the easier Munros, especially in the late spring and summer month, will always have walkers on the main ascent paths. Our recommendations are Ben Lomond, Ben Lawers, or Schiehallion. Checkout the walking route Finder on the Walking The Highlands website

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