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The Best Spots in Autumn on a Scottish Campervan Holiday

Updated: May 2

Scotland’s beauty can be appreciated year-round, and campervanning is a great way to experience it, as it allows you to go where you like without needing to worry about factors like accommodation or remoteness.

However, autumn in Scotland is particularly special. The leaves begin to litter the ground, changing colour to vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, painting already stunning scenery in a completely new palette. And with the summer crowds gone, you can have many of the country's most popular attractions to yourself.

It’s arguably best to have a campervan holiday in Scotland between summer and winter, as this way you can experience the best of both worlds. In early autumn, you can enjoy the last remnants of summer temperatures and the start of the cosier season, getting comfortable in your little tartan campervan.

If you're planning a campervan holiday to Scotland in autumn, here are some of the places that we think you should check out.

Natural Landscapes

There’s so many beautiful, natural landscapes in Scotland that become bolstered by the changes of autumn, particularly across the Cairngorms.

The Cairngorms National Park is the largest national park in the UK, and it's home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in Scotland. In autumn, the park's forests are ablaze with colour, making it perfect for hiking, biking, or simply relaxing and enjoying the views from the comfort of your campervan.

If you want a more specific suggestion for the Cairngorms, what about Abernethy Forest, one of the oldest remaining forests in the UK? It's home to a variety of wildlife, including red deer, pine martens, and Scottish wildcats. In autumn, the forest is a great place to go for walks and bike rides.

But we reckon one of the top places to see in autumn is the Hermitage in Dunkeld. This is easily the best time of year to see one of the most impressive and beautiful forests in the whole of Scotland.

Designed as a pleasure ground in the 18th century, this place was specifically crafted to be as mesmerising as possible for the local aristocracy. Walk by the River Braan and see the Black Linn Falls, while being surrounded by a variety of colourful species of trees including Douglas firs, some of the largest trees in the entirety of the UK.

Dark Skies

In autumn, it’s the perfect time of year to see dark skies in Scotland: the nights are getting longer, so there’s more chances to see the stars, but it’s not yet too cold to stand outside and stargaze.

If you want a recommendation for a spot to see a dark sky, we recommend Galloway Forest Park in the south. It was the UK’s first dark sky park, and has some of the darkest skies in all of Europe- it’s the perfect place to park your campervan and set up a cosy spot on the roof where you can get lost in the stars.

Seasonal Events

If you find yourself exploring Scotland’s cities during your campervan adventures, there are so many great events across autumn, but we’ve narrowed it down to a couple you might be interested in.

There's the Paisley Halloween Festival in late October, an award-winning celebration near Glasgow with live performances if you’re in the mood to get spooky!

In Edinburgh there’s also the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, a celebration of storytellers and musicians from Scotland and beyond. With live performances, workshops for adults and kids alike, and talks featuring guests from around the world, this is a really special event for those passionate about Scotland’s rich literary culture.

We hope this gave you a taste of all the amazing places you could experience on a campervan holiday to Scotland in autumn.

With its relax right-to-roam laws, combined with its stunning scenery, unique culture, and friendly people, Scotland is an ideal location for campervanning- if all you need to complete your list is a campervan, then why not travel in style in one of our legendary tartan campervans?

Our campervan rentals are designed to be a comfortable home-on-the-go, capable of withstanding all Scotland has to throw at you. We have depots across Scotland- see our website and get in contact to learn more!

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