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Tips and Tricks for a Campervan Holiday with Kids

Campervanning holidays are such a fun and exciting way to travel and spend time with your family- however, it's important to be prepared before you set off on your adventure.

But don’t worry: we at Tartan Campervans have rented our iconic vehicles out to many families over the years, so we’re something of an expert when it comes to giving people advice for their campervanning holidays. Let’s go over some of the tips and tricks we’ve learned that will help you make sure you and your kids have a fun and safe trip!

Choose the Right Campervan

When you’re choosing a campervan for your family, consider the size and ages of your children. You'll need enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably, as well as storage space for all of your gear.

This is something we take seriously at Tartan Campervans, and that’s why all of our motorhomes are insulated and comfortable, with space for sleeping and relaxing in the back.

Plan your Route Carefully

When planning your route, take into account the driving distances and the needs of your children.

You'll want to make sure that there are plenty of rest stops along the way, as well as child friendly activities and attractions. Also try and avoid driving long distances in one day, and make sure you give your kids plenty of opportunities to get out and stretch their legs.

Pack Light

Campervans have limited space, so it's important to pack light. Bring only the essentials, such as clothes, toiletries, food, and drinks. You may also want to bring some games, books, and other activities for your kids, and also stock up on snacks and drinks for them!.

Be Flexible

Things don't always go according to plan when travelling with kids- be prepared to adjust your schedule or itinerary as needed.

If your kids are tired, take a break. If the weather is bad, find something to do indoors. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your time together!

We hope these tips help you plan a memorable campervan holiday with your family!

If you’re planning on travelling, why not get in touch with Tartan Campervan and hire one of our motorhomes? Our campervan rentals in Scotland could allow you and your family to explore this beautiful country in a way unlike any other.

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