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Why Winter is a Great Time to Explore Scotland in Your Campervan

Updated: May 2

Scotland is one of those rare special countries whose landscape and personality changes completely with each season. It’s a beautiful place to visit year-round, but there are a few reasons why winter is a particularly magical time to explore this country.

And what better way to experience Scotland's winter beauty than in your own cosy campervan? So long as you make sure you’re in a warm insulated vehicle, such as our Tartan Campervans, and plan ahead for bad weather, this can actually be the most memorable and cosy way to experience Scotland.

The Stunning (Snowy!) Scenery

Even though there isn’t always snow in every part of Scotland during winter, it’s a safe shout that if you’re in the highlands, you’ll at the very least see some on the hills. Since you’ll be in your campervan, you’ll also be shielded from the elements and able to enjoy this beauty from the comfort of your vehicle day-round!

Even without snow, the winter landscapes in Scotland are beautiful: with the leaves gone from the trees, the colour drained from the grass and the lakes and ponds frozen over, it gives the country such a mystical, special feeling. It might sound bleak, but it’s actually really beautiful, and the air is crisp and clear.

Fewer Crowds and Lower Prices

Winter is the off-season for tourism in Scotland, so you'll have many of the usually busy roads and attractions to yourself. This means you can enjoy a more peaceful and tranquil experience, so if you’re into the idea of a quieter, more peaceful holiday, this time of year could definitely be for you. Additionally, since it’s the off season, many attractions and other venues are considerably cheaper too!

Attractions in Winter

While most of Scotland’s attractions are available year-round, from museums to castles and so much more, the country’s colder climate also means this is a great place to enjoy many activities you can only do during winter.

Scotland has many ski slopes and ice rinks, and it’s also a great place to try and see the northern lights! The best time to see them in your campervan is between September and March, when the nights are long and dark.

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