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Why You Should Buy a Second Hand Motorhome.

Updated: May 2

Buying a used motorhome is often a great deal! As long as you choose one in good condition, not too old and which you really like. Here are 5 reasons to buy a used motorhome as well as the benefits of creating an old motorhome and converting it! Each buyer will have their preference, some being literally allergic to buying used, others not having the budget to order a new one.

1. The Used Motorhome Costs Less

Obviously, the price difference is to be judged on a case-by-case basis, depending on the accessories sold with the vehicle, its condition, the quality of maintenance, etc. What remains certain is that a new motorhome decreases rapidly in the first years, and then slowly decreases. If you upgrade a motorhome, you can certainly make a profit if you want to sell it in the future.

2. It Has Been Tested By It's First Owners

It happens that certain motorhomes that are brand new, can encounter issues. There may be manufacturing issues, but when you opt for a second-hand motorhome, you can be sure that it’s already been well tried and tested! Perhaps it is a little beaten up in parts, but again this can be upgraded easily! It is good to know that it does not have any defects!

3. Major Changes

Motorhomes haven't changed that much in recent years. Central bed 7.50m motorhomes have been in fashion for almost 10 years. On the décor side too, you have to look far into the past to really change fashion. A motor home from 5 years ago will logically meet the expectations of today's motorhome operators. An older motorhome may have some basic functions that you need, but you can easily make it more functional with some simple changes.

4. It Can Become Like New Again

Changing mattresses, having brand new covers and curtains cut, thoroughly cleaning the bodywork, it is possible. There are specialised companies, such as us, that allow you to give your motorhome a makeover.

5. Guarantees, After-Sales Service and Financing, Is It Possible?

When we call in a professional, we benefit from the guarantee of the professional seller, even for a second-hand item. The vehicle will also have been prepared for sale, with the necessary revisions. As for credit financing, it remains of course accessible: dealers have partnerships with financing organisations. Above all, however, looking at a second-hand motorhome will allow you to explore new ideas, as well as convert what you want, with the vision of what you desire in your mind.

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