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Why you should go on a Campervan Staycation this Summer!

Updated: May 3

Staycations and #vanlife are becoming more and more popular by the day, that’s because run of the mill Tui and Jet2 (to name a few) family holiday packages just don’t cut it when it comes to quality family time and unforgettable experiences. There’s only a number of times you can put yourself through unfolding hotel towel swans and chewing through continental breakfast bacon before you say enough is enough. Our Fleet of kitted and converted, tartan-clad campervans and motorhomes for hire will take you on an adventure of a lifetime at your very own doorstep. Here are a couple of reasons why you should ditch the trip to Europe and rent yourself a Tartan Campervan instead.

Explore Scotlands Natural, Wild Beauty!

Scotland is full of rich, undiscovered and wild beauty - if you’ve been spoilt with city living in Edinburgh, Glasgow (and anywhere in between) you’ve probably not taken a deep dive into the natural beauty that’s on your very own doorstep.

Take a road trip around West Scotland where you can soak in a Glacial Valley in Glencoe and explore its tiny village that’s bursting with character! Make your way through the village to be greeted by the towering Glencoe mountain, and the Pap of Glen Coe - an incredibly beautiful valley.

Brace yourself to soak up awe-inspiring views, summit mountains till your legs ache, and explore a breathtaking National Trust-protected forest until your feet ask to be returned to your creature comforts campervan.

If you’re a Glaswegian then why not take a short trip to our Paisley franchise to pick up your very own tartan-clad Campervan for Hire?

Enjoy some quality family Time

Trips to Spain with the family result in hangovers, binge-watching hotel TV and arguments over who gets to take the window seat. Why not skip all that and round up the family for an unforgettable Summer road trip around Scotland?

Our campervans are luxuriously fitted for all your creature comforts, mod cons, pop-top roofs, fridges and more! Meaning that you get to enjoy some quality time with the family in comfort and style, say goodbye to the cabin fever you get when taking long road trips to the highlands in your car and hello untethered bonding time with your loved ones while touring the country in style.

Smores, BBQs and Fireside Stories in Scotlands' many Campgrounds!

Braemar Caravan Park is an amazing and hospitable campervan site to stay at if you are visiting the Cairngorms National Park. It offers great facilities, is very well maintained and is only a 10-minute walk to its incredible and historic nearby town, complete with luxury chocolatiers, and a fancy and historical hotel (complete with a Picasso!) to enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea.

If you want to bring your family campervan or motorhome hire adventure to the Highlands, there are some unforgettable, picture-perfect options that you should not miss! The Bunree Caravan & Motorhome Club Campsite in Fort William is a must. It’s complete with excellent services, eateries, and a child-friendly atmosphere for children of all ages (even the teens!) making it a perfect choice for families.

Tartan Campervans are fitted with family comfort in mind! Meaning that not only do our fully kitted Campervans allow you to span across Scotland and discover some of its many historic Campgrounds; you get to do so with comfort and ease.

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